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8 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a category 4 storm with winds at 175mph, gusts up to 215mph, and waves higher than 40 feet. And a complete bitch! She gave us a hit but you can’t keep the spirit of New Orleans down!   

"Dear America,

I suppose we should introduce ourselves: We’re South Louisiana. You probably already know that we talk funny and listen to strange music and eat things you’d probably hire an exterminator to get out of your yard. We dance even if there’s no radio. We drink at funerals. We talk too much and laugh too loud and live too large and frankly, we’re suspicious of others who don’t.” - Chris Rose





Check out how we’re doing on the recovery status by going here.

Keep looking forward New Orleans, but never forget! Here is some of the first news coverage after the storm:

The 2013 MTV VMA Awards

*NSync reunites:




Miley Cyrus gyrates with Robin Thicke:


Miley’s mom comments on the performance: ”I’m so proud of her, and just honestly, I’m in awe of who she’s become as a performer.” 


Robin Thicke’s mom also comments: ”I don’t understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do. I think she’s misbegotten in this attempt of hers. And I think it was not beneficial. I didn’t get what her point was. It was so over the top as to almost be a parody of itself. I just keep thinking of her mother and father watching this. Oh, Lord, have mercy. I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son. The problem is now I can never ‘unsee’ it.” 


Rihanna was unimpressed the whole time:

Lady GaGa opened the show:

Danity Kane reunited (minus D. Woods):

And everybody is sick of Taylor Swift acting like a bitch:


New Orleans City Council issues statement on go-cup controversy

From the City Council via NOLA.com: “We write to clarify a misconception that there is a collective or concerted effort to ban to-go cups. For over ten years, the City Planning Commission and and City Council have adopted provisos regulating to-go cups on a case by case basis when the requesting businesses are located in or adjacent to residential districts. But again, there is no blanket prohibition of to-go cups.” 


And there you have it! There is no city-wide ban on go-cups. We will still be one of the few cities in the country where you can leave a bar or restaurant with your alcohol! No worries gurls! Depending on which place you have your liquid dinner at, you can still take it to-go in your open container and sashay/stumble freely around the city.


New Orleans Ranked #1 in penis size

According to a study by Condomania, New Orleans is ranked #1 in the nation for biggest penis size, based on information gathered from over 27,000 men (and their penises) around the country. 


Here are the top 20 cities:

1. New Orleans
2. Washington DC
3. San Diego
4. New York City
5. Phoenix
6. Portland
7. Atlanta
8. San Francisco
9. Chicago
10. St. Louis
11. Seattle
12. Miami
13. Indianapolis
14. Columbus
15. Boston
16. Denver
17. Los Angeles
18. Detroit
19. Philadelphia
20. Dallas/Ft. Worth


To see the rest of the penis results gathered, click here. This Penis Service Announcement was brought to you by NolaGays. A message to America from New Orleans: you’re welcome.

Red Dress Run!!!

The Red Dress Run is tomorrow! An entire city, drunk, in outrageous red dresses, running around downtown. And it’s all for charity. Of course the gays have the best dresses… #NoPlaceLikeNOLA

Straight guys:

Straight girls:

The gays:

If you aren’t familiar with the RDR, have a look at last year’s run: 

Be sure to check out their website for more information. Special appearances by Dash Rip Rock and Cowboy Mouth!!! Get your livers ready; drinking begins bright and early!